Balance Baffle

Balance baffles are easy to install, lightweight and can add visual interest to otherwise large volumes while effectively mitigating noisy spaces.

Custom designs can be created and there are 6 natural composite colors and 25 Mandarin felt colors to select from.

Flat Cloud

Flat Cloud is a simple and cost-effective acoustic solution for commercial, hospitality, educational and institutional projects.

Flat Cloud placed above workstations, meeting tables and collaboration areas brings great benefits for treatment of sound reverberation, with a fast and easy installation process.


V-Plate allows for unique and customizable ‘groove’ designs.  They are supplied as semi-rigid felt panels that are lightweight and easy to install.

V-Plate panels are glued to the wall surface to offer a soft but highly durable finish. There are 6 natural composite colors and 25 Mandarin felt colors to select from.

Arrow Bench

Arrow is one of many Bellitalia benches utilizing innovative manufacturing techniques. UTC® (ultra tense concrete) allows the creation of complex and subtle shapes, overcoming previous physical limitations.

Camilla Bench

Camilla is a versatile collection of benches and tables by City Design, available in a variety of finishes and materials. 

Alba Bench

Alba and its companion table Aurora by Bellitalia® invoke a sense of timeless beauty. Like concrete itself, the clean, modern design will stand the test of time.

HAL Lounge Chair

The compact HAL Lounge Chair (2021) is Jasper Morrison's reinterpretation of the softly upholstered four-legged armchair with a high backrest.

Creations by Jasper Morrison are not characterised by a strikingly new or fashionable design, but instead represent the update and perfection of a familiar typology – as demonstrated with the HAL Lounge Chair, which is Morrison's reinterpretation of the upholstered four-legged armchair with a high backrest.

Despite its compact dimensions, the lounge chair is exceptionally comfortable. It comes with soft loose seat and neck cushions or, if preferred, with an integrated seat cushion.

Thanks to its understated aesthetic, the HAL Lounge Chair is extremely versatile, suited to use at home or in public spaces, and can stand either alone, in pairs or in groups. However, a reductive design is not synonymous with bland neutrality: Jasper Morrison's products bear his unmistakeable signature. In his hands, understatement results in creations that radiate a sense of calm, do not follow fashionable trends and therefore age well. The strength of the design becomes increasingly evident over time, when other more attention-grabbing contemporary pieces have long been forgotten.

The HAL Lounge Chair can be paired with the HAL Ottoman, allowing users to enjoy its full comfort with their feet up. Both the HAL Lounge Chair and HAL Ottoman come with removable covers.

Stool 60

Alvar Aalto’s iconic Stool 60 is the most elemental of furniture pieces, equally suitable as a seat, a table, storage unit, or display surface. The legs are mounted directly to the underside of the round seat without the need for complicated connecting elements. Thanks to its geometry, the stool can be stacked to save space in a spiralling tower sculpture. Manufactured in 42 production steps at the A-Factory in Turku, Finland, Stool 60 is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Several million units of Stool 60 and its four-legged cousin, Stool E60, have been sold, making it one of the most cherished products in the history of design.

Dancing Wall

The basic function of Dancing Wall is that of a mobile partition that can be used to flexibly divide offices into zones, while providing vertical work space.

Many companies adapt to the increasingly unpredictable changes in their markets by creating agile organisational structures. To facilitate this, they require office furnishings that can be easily reconfigured – if possible by the users themselves. Dancing Wall is a solution for these new working environments.

It consists of a metal frame, which can be equipped in various configurations: as a bookshelf, TV unit, cloakroom, plant wall, or as a room divider with removable whiteboards and pinboards. The design also allows for the integration of power cables and functional accessories, which can be custom specified to suit the company's needs.

Diverse combinations of different Dancing Walls can create countless office layouts and work situations, and be spontaneously adapted to changes in team size or room function – without renovations, without a fitter. Thanks to this modularity, Dancing Wall is perfectly in tune with the changing requirements of the modern working world.


The Suita sofa system combines light and slender volumes with an industrial and technological aesthetic. The geometrically precise body and cushions seem to float above the sleek, bridge-like aluminium legs, in what can be seen as a tribute to mid-century American design. The Suita sofa family encompasses a wide range of components. These can be used as independent elements or freely combined to adapt to all kinds of interior environments and furnishing needs.

The elegant Suita sofa family encompasses a wide range of elements that can be freely combined with one another. A choice of different cushion types augments the adaptability of this system to fulfill personal needs and preferences.

The sleek body, consisting of a tubular steel frame covered in moulded polyurethane foam with web suspension, forms the basis of all Suita models. The seat and back cushions come in a choice of firm or soft versions, and are optionally available with tufting.

Added to a freestanding Suita Sofa, the rear-mounted shelf makes a perfect temporary workspace in combination with a laptop and a chair. Positioned against the wall, the shelf offers a convenient surface for storage and display. And a head section fitted to the sofa not only provides extra support, but also helps to block out noise and visual stimuli.

The structural body of Suita rests on bridge-like legs. Shelf elements and head sections are also attached to the legs. The Suita Sofa has a comfortable seat height of 25 cm. The aluminium legs and frame have a polished finish or are alternatively powder-coated in soft light or basic dark.