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MASHstudios is a multidisciplinary design firm combining award-winning industrial design, engineering experience, and manufacturing capabilities. Founded in 2002, MASHstudios recognized a market need for workspaces and furnishings that more accurately reflect a client’s culture. In a workforce driven by meaning and identity, no two companies are the same and every brand requires something different and thus, MASH’s mantra was born: We make Branded Office Furniture.

A branded environment enhances more than aesthetics - it fosters your connection to the brand, builds loyalty, and strengthens recruitment opportunities. MASHstudios elevates the workspace to create an environment that helps staff excel and business to thrive. How does it work? It all begins with a conversation. We want to hear your ideas, design preferences, and material/finishes specifications. SMS Studio and the MASH team will meet with you to truly understand your vision and identify potential opportunities within the space. We will provide you with a detailed proposal, drawings and photo-realistic renderings that will bring your ideas to life. MASH manufacturers at its Los Angeles HQ and 100,000 sq ft factory and design center. MASH is ‘open line’ and can be procured through your favorite furniture dealer.
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